The Streshinskiy Collection

Antique Oriental and Arab Weapons and Armour

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Dedicated to collectors, museums or refined booklovers, "Antique Oriental and Arab Weapons and Armour - The Streshsinkiy Collection" comes as the scientific review and catalogue of the largest private Oriental and Islamic blades, weapons and armour collection known to date in the whole world. Published by Antiga Arabia as a world premiere news of existence of this collection, it reproduces with state-of-the-art studio photography 140 items from Africa, Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Persia, Caucasus, India and Indonesia. The book bears 336 pages in a a large format (32x45 cm) and is bound in real leather, with a silver, sculpted Mecca Jambiya encrusted on the cover. The book has been compiled by one of the most authoritative professors of Islamic and Oriental weaponry and armour, Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani, consultant to the top museums of the world and author of world-level studies and scientific treatises. The introduction is mainly focused on the different techniques used to produce the blades and especially on the "crucible steel" technique while every one of the 140 items of the collection have a technical/hystorical description.

Author notes (downloadable pdf version)

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Photographer notes

Andrey Bronnikov studied geology and crystallography and received his M.Sc. in geology from Moscow State University. He has devoted himself to science photography since 1993 and published since 1997. He invented auteur methods of photographing complex objects. In collaboration with museums, he photographed collections in Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Australia. After making his debut with jewelry shoots in L’Officiel in 2000, he has been a permanent and most in-demand author of jewelry and still life photography in all respected Russian glossy magazines. He published over thousand photo-essays and works, also acting as a commercial photographer. Equipped with a team of dedicated professionals, he organized a studio capable of performing most intricate shoots and photo-projects, many of them being innovatory and unparalleled. He is the author of several world wide ad campaigns. Nonetheless, he maintains his passion for working with museum material.

“Working with the Streshinsky collection was by no means the first shooting experience with the oriental armor. And yet the incredible diversity and beauty of patterns and materials in the collection and the amazing armory and delicate craftwork have mobilized all my qualifications. Not a single project has ever demanded of me and my team such a concentration and intensive work for three continuous months, but I am tremendously pleased and grateful to Dimitry Streshinsky for the opportunity to be part of the project. His sincere commitment and involvement in the process of shooting, coupled with a near-fanatical willingness to achieve outstanding results, ensured an immaculately laborious approach, with tenuous interest in all tiniest pattern nuances through the entire collection. I am quite confident that we have produced a unique book”.

Some book page previews (downloadable pdf version)

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