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Impresa Pizzarotti Spa has all the experience deriving from applying to very diversified projects, a local environmental knowledge: from Europe to Africa, to Far East, to the most complicated modern urban developments, our men know how to get the best results in the shortest time. Building roads, bridges, airports, dams and tunnels is not the only task set forth by Pizzarotti: the Nuova Fiera di Milano, one of the most iconic structures built in Europe, comes as a clear example of the diversified skills of the Company. Traditional, well designed and long lasting construction is one of Pizzarotti’s targets: building solid homes or offices that will be passed on for generations to come is our goal. Impresa Pizzarotti SpA is also known for building some world-famous structures, such as the interconnection station at the Charles De Gaulle airport, linking the TGV - RER urban transport network to the Roissy Terminal, or, again, the Civil engineering works for the installation of a thermal-power plant for ENEL or Milano Malpensa airport. But building does need communication skills as well: this is why the Middle East hub of this leading Italian company has trusted the ability of Antiga Arabia to deliver the message to the Gulf market: the language is important, but the way you talk can be even more important.

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