The Team

Bonding creativity


Nicola Bandini

Chairman and General Manager

A journalist from a family of journalists, Nicola has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Arab world. He has been engaging with various governments of the GCC over the past eighteen years, contributing to the creation and development of some major editorial projects and consulting on communication issues for the governments of Qatar and United Arab Emirates. During the recent years Nicola has developed and expanded his movie directing skills, producing some very unusual films which have scored millions of clicks on YouTube and high visibility results for the connected companies and brand names.

Rami Hazboun

Arab Creative Coordinator

Rami is the Creative Coordinator of the Arab Design Team for Antiga Arabia. With a solid experience and history background working in all fields of Arab content design in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East, Rami is capable of delivering far fetching tasks and very demanding projects, such as reversing entire Western publications into Arabic layout. This is done not only matching the style of the original publication, but also supervising and integrating the original design with the Arab cultural elements through attentiveness to the cultural diversity. Rami coordinates a team of graphic designers, proof readers and pre-press professional engineers who can bring to press any Arabic or mixed language editorial project with unbeatable time-efficient performance.

Charlotte Bandini

Board Member and Creative Coordinator

Charlotte is a Master of Art at the Institute of Art of Florence, Italy and a top grade student at the Academy of Art of Florence, one of the most respected and sought-after in the world. She has intensively traveled the Middle East and the Gulf Countries with her father, growing a deep interest and expertise on Islamic Art, geometric and Oriental patterns and design. Charlotte has attended special workshops and courses in the Gulf region on these subjects and for Antiga Arabia she follows and develops special requests coming from our clients in need of exclusive designs and brand image, logos and visuals.

Riccardo Filippini

Chief of Antiga Arabia’s filming crew

Riccardo has an amazing experience in every field of Media productions, ranging from movies to corporate videos and commercials, to naturalistic documentaries, to large TV formats and realities, to extreme sports and scientific productions. He leads a team of experienced cameramen, light experts and sound technicians and masters a wealth of state-of- the-art digital filming systems, including a full range of new generation SteadyCams

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