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Aldar Properties PJSC is undertaking multi-billion Dirham civic projects to help develop Abu Dhabi, the capital emirate of the United Arab Emirates, into an international business magnet and tourist destination. As the Emirate’s premier real estate development, management and investment company, Aldar’s vision is to establish Abu Dhabi as the UAE’s most dynamic forward-thinking real estate market by creating unique and prestigious developments that can be used as a benchmark of quality, whilst adhering to the cultural and natural heritage of the city.


Twofour54 is a regional creative centre facilitating the development of Arabic media and entertainment content based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company works with businesses in television, radio, film, publishing, online, mobile, music, gaming and animation to create local content and grow the Arab media industry. Its name refers to the geographic co-ordinates of Abu Dhabi - 24°north by 54°east.


Ferrari S.p.A. is the legendary Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 as Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsored drivers and manufactured race cars before moving into production of street-legal vehicles in 1947 as Ferrari S.p.A.

Arsenal Firearms

Arsenal Firearms was launched as a brand new multinational group of companies in the firearms and related accessories global scene in 2012: thanks to Antiga Arabia's vision in setting up an unprecedented communication, branding and marketing support action, the new group has established in the short span of one year as a true leader and reference standard in the USA and on most world markets. The aggressive and revolutionary use of the video tool, as well as a multi-faceted plan comprising logo design and brand colours and guidelines, has set a whole new world standard in the specific industrial sector, giving to the Arsenal Firearms Group a front line leading edge on well established brands.

Fratelli Tanfoglio

Fratelli Tanfoglio, or better and in short "Tanfoglio", is currently the absolute ruler in the field of International Practical Shooting Championship (IPSC) the most acclaimed and spectacular pistol discipline on a global scale. Tanfoglio ha been winning gold as a pistol manufacturer for 15 consecutive years, dominating any other runner up company, overshadowing glorious names such as Colt, Beretta, Smith&Wesson, Walther, CZ, Sig-Sauer. Antiga Arabia is proud to be associated with this excellency leader in the firearms manufacturing industry, currently applying to a very dynamic world the modern tools of video and exhibitions strategies and techniques which have shown to be winning items with the Arsenal Firearms Group of companies.

Davide Pedersoli

Davide Pedersoli is today surely the world leader in historical firearms replicas, both firing and non-firing. The Pedersoli brand and heritage has in fact made the history of Hollywood, by supplying the most famous and epical movies on the wild west. But not only: Pedersoli's replica production spans over three centuries of firearms on both the Old and New Continents, for the pleasure of collectors, muzzleloading shooters, breech loaders long range hunters worldwide. Today, Davide Pedersoli holds countless trophies and championships around the world, truly pursuing with the highest quality of proudly Made in Italy firearms, the collectible heritage of the fascinating world of the weapons which have made history.


Ruag is an international aerospace and defence technology group with production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Sweden. Ruag's outstanding engineering skills in all areas of activity lay the foundations for its dynamic role in development and production.

Miniature Arsenal

Miniature Arsenal has built over the past five years a unique collection of historic and modern firearms of all kinds and size, in various scales, in series ranging from 1 piece to a few tenths, with finishes and engravings matching or even surpassing those of the original size firearms. The Miniature Arsenal Collection comes as a series of perfect scale reproductions, dedicated to the collector, the lover of beautiful things and the gun enthusiast, in search of unique and exclusive pieces.

Caracal International

Caracal was conceived from a 'Small Arms Project' -a bold initiative founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in late 2002. Driven by strong beliefs in its concepts and benefits, the 'Caracal Project' was developed and led by a team of experts working in conjunction with the UAE Armed Forces. UAE Armed Forces, to build successfully, from scratch, the first and only modern firearms manufacturer in the Arab world.


Pizzarotti SPA is the third italian contructor for business volume, with with multi billions euros construction underway and almost 2000 employees. Pizzarotti clients and partners, many of which in the Arab world and in UAE, work together to build a modern Middle-East. Pizzarotti is proud of its one century corporate history built on trustworthiness and commitment.

Grafik International

Gi, an Al Bowardi Enterprises company, is a total marketing communication solutions provider in Abu Dhabi since 1989. Multilateral offerings covering above and below the line advertising, direct marketing support, Public Relations, event & Exhibition management, corporate identity development, packaging design and others In-house facility for advertising photography and digital printing Extensive experience handling clients from divergent segments including oil & gas, IT, Banking & Finance, Retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate services etc High profile association with government and non-government organizations in public interest issues such as environment, special people needs and others.

Grafiche Antiga

Grafiche Antiga boasts fourty years experience in quality printing. The combination of tradition and innovation and the winning mix of technical resources and professional skills represent Grafiche Antiga’s response to the most varied demands of the international printing market. Total production control and dedication to deliver best quality made Grafiche Antiga become over the years one of the best players of the international printing business scene.


Riccardo Filippini, founder and owner of Filmer has worked with world-famous Directors, such as Brian De Palma (Snake Eyes - 1996) or Carlo Vanzina (Banzai – 1995) to name two, as well as direct himself for a number of documentary sections in the most diverse surroundings and with the most demanding targets, including a vast experience in the Middle East (Paris-Dakar and Egyptian Red Sea underwater world documentaries, as well as Abu Dhabi state defense company Caracal International corporate productions).

Wami Agency

Founded and run by a team of young and dynamic professionals, Wamy Agency delivers tailored solutions in Web Design, Web Marketing and Mobile Applications. This Italian company manages multimedia projects from design to development and plans marketing strategies for online promotion.

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