Commercials, Documentaries, Corporate Shorts, Movies

Today, corporate or institutional communication cannot avoid the audio-visual and all-round media approach. But web, television and motion-picture communication must be part of the same approach and address the same issues with very different tools.
Antiga Arabia develops, designs and produces audio-visual communication for the web, documentaries and formats for television, corporate or governmental motion-pictures for institutional purposes.
Because communicating is a diversified, multi-tasketed and globalized challenge.

Our Productions


Riccardo Filippini

Riccardo Filippini is the chief of Antiga Arabia’s filming crew. He has an amazing experience in every field of media productions, ranging from major Hollywood movies, to refined corporate videos and commecials, to naturalistic documentaries, to large TV formats and realities, to extreme sports and scientific productions.
Riccardo has worked with world-famous Directors, such as Brian De Palma (Snake Eyes - 1996) or Carlo Vanzina (Banzai – 1995) to name two, as well as direct himself for a number of documentary sections in the most diverse surroundings and with the most demanding targets, including a vast experience in the Middle East (Paris-Dakar and Egyptian Red Sea underwater world documentaries, as well as Abu Dhabi state defense company Caracal International corporate productions).
Riccardo masters a wealth of state-of-the-art digital filming systems, including a full range of new generation SteadyCams tools that he designs and produces with his own company (Easysteady).
Riccardo leads a team of experienced cameramen, light experts and sound technicians, supplying Antiga Arabia with a formidable support to target the most demanding media projects.